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Corporate Identity

Reliable Care Services

From the simple act of adhering to schedule to addressing unique health requirements in your home – we will be there. We deeply understand our role as the care providers of your home and that requires us to be responsible for your health while we are on duty. You or someone you love who is a patient can take advantage of our services on a schedule that you will be comfortable with – hourly, daily, weekly, overnight, or over the weekend. We also offer long-term care services as needed or as prescribed by your physician.

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Ethical Work Practices

We paint our name with noble deeds and never allow it to be tainted with ill practices. Compliments from clients and family members are welcomed just as much as criticisms are. We know that we can learn from different kinds of feedback as this will help us become better care providers in your home. We strive to achieve your satisfaction with our services. We promote dignity, respect, and freedom of choice for our clients. Practicing our profession is also a part of our efforts to contribute positively to the community.

Exceptional Caregivers and Healthcare Staff

We gather the best health care talents in the state. Our team is proudly made up of the finest nurses, therapists, home health aides, and medical social workers. We’ve rounded up such professionals to be the bearers of the Comprehensive Home Health Care Agency name by giving exceptional care to you or someone you love at home.

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